Friday, July 1, 2016

N4LA 2016 Field Day set up ( 1E NC )

Rig ... Yaesu FT 857D
Battery power ... Buddipole A123 Lithium
LDG Z-11 Pro II Tuner
Heil Headset
Antennas ... 3 OCF Sloping Dipoles
TX PWR ... 50 watts
Software ... N1MM logger
QTH ... Home

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scouting for SOTA Spots !!

 SOTA Activations 

Looking up to the top of Comers Rock W4V/WV013  (10pts)

Accompanied by W4TJE & NW4N

A view from the top !!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Hike

Saturday after lunch, my 14 yr old decided she wanted to go hiking. And I decided to take some of my portable radio gear along on the hike. My portable set up included a Yaesu 857d @ 50 watts, a Buddipole A123 lithium battery pack.... and 20 meter end fed antenna from LnR Precision.I logged all contacts with my smartphone and piglet interface from Pignology Inc. I made 6 contacts with the following stations ...
N8DNX ... W3JA ... KD0ETC ... NV2K ...
Thanks guys for giving me a call.
73 de N4LA

Friday, March 21, 2014

HamQSLer ?

HamQSLer is the premier free, open source program for designing and printing your QSL cards. HamQSLer allows you to design professional looking QSL cards, and then either print them with QSO information added on your own printer, or save them to JPEG files for forwarding to a QSL print shop.
Below are 3 more examples of simple QSL cards you can create in minutes, after you get familiar with the software.

I was almost out of QSL cards ... so I started looking for something more than a basic design. Which I have used for years. I wanted one of those nice picture cards ...  until I checked the price ! Then I stumbled across a program called HamQSLer.
The software is not complicated at all, but I do recommend reading the PDF help files before you attempt to create your own QSL card.

One of the neat features I liked was creating a picture within a picture.You can also control the size of both pictures !

You can even download your adif log file into the program and it will print your qso's on your QSL card for you. 
You can add,  logo's .... designs ...... make 2 sided cards .... create photo cards .... etc.
Sure you have to buy printer ink and good card stock or photo paper .... but it's a lot of fun designing any card you want.You can have a different card for each ham event. The possibilities are endless !!
It has plenty of features that I haven't mentioned. So go to the website and check it out !
Click on the link below



73 de N4LA

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another 2014 Ice Storm !

Well spring starts this week. Or at least that's what they say. Here's a picture of my multiband yagi covered with ice ! I sure hope the wind doesn't get up. Or I'm in trouble !